My first impression of Dr. Bapna is that he is an absolute class act.  Candidly, I saw six (!) doctors for consultations on my acne scars before choosing Dr. Bapna.  The other physicians did not seem as knowledgeable or ethical in my opinion.  They tried recommending acne scar revision procedures that I knew would be high-risk for me, since I am a woman of color, and there was always a hard sell for unnecessary procedures. Additionally, they made me feel really uncomfortable and embarrassed when pointing out my flaws.  As another reviewer said, Dr. Bapna is so compassionate at consults–you will never meet another doctor that makes you feel as relaxed as he does when discussing your biggest insecurities.

Dr. Bapna also dissuaded me from unnecessary procedures.  As a veteran of cosmetic “stuff” I can tell you that doctors with principles like his are few and far between.