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Volbella Injections Give You Lasting Lip Fullness

As we age, we start to lose volume in our lips, and fine lines can start to appear around them. Volbella, an injectable in the Juvederm family, can restore plumpness in your lips in order to help them appear younger and more rejuvenated, all while keeping your look completely natural. If you are over the […]

Are Dysport Injections Right for Me?

A common question among people who are looking to improve their appearance is whether FDA-approved Dysport injections are right for them. For those who are interested in making their fine lines and wrinkles disappear and want a natural look, Dysport injections may be a good solution. What Is Dysport? Dysport is a cosmetic injectable that […]

Ears — Some Fast Facts About Otoplasty

Many people don’t give much thought to the appearance of their ears, yet when your ears are prominent, protruding, or asymmetrical, it can take a toll on your self-esteem and you may feel less than confident about your appearance. If you feel self-conscious about your ears, there is a surprisingly simple solution. Otoplasty—or cosmetic ear […]

Why Millennials are Choosing Preventative BOTOX

Preventative BOTOX for millennials? Yes, it’s a thing.  In fact, preventative BOTOX is one of the biggest cosmetic trends among millennials.  In a recent RealSelf survey, 51 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 reported they are considering a cosmetic treatment within the next year. More patients in their 20s and 30s […]

Make a Splash: The Best Summer Treatments

Long, sunny days. Skin-bearing temperatures. BBQ’s and other outdoor activities fill the calendar.  Summer is in full-swing and there are many cosmetic treatment options that can help you look and feel your best this season.  Summer can be an ideal time to undergo aesthetic procedures, but it’s important to note that not all treatments are well-suited […]

Top Wedding Prep Procedures

More people are getting cosmetic treatments as part of their wedding preparation in 2019 than ever before. Undergoing aesthetic procedures before a wedding, especially nonsurgical treatments, has become a major trend and continues to grow in popularity. Many people turn to professional treatments to help them look their best on special occasions. Presenting an attractive, positive […]

Get Slim and Sculpted for Summer (The Easy Way) with EMSCULPT

There’s good reason for all the buzz about EMSCULPT, the new FDA-cleared, body-shaping treatment. A first-of-its-kind device, EMSCULPT is proven to build muscle mass in the abs or butt—and, as a happy side effect, burn fat.   The procedure takes just 30 minutes and involves a total of 4 treatments over the course of about two […]

Lip Service: A Quickie Guide to Lip Enhancement

It’s an unfortunate fact that the aging process can make your lips thin and full of lines. There are several lip enhancement methods to help improve the appearance of your lips.  You can achieve a smoother, plumper, more youthful pout through a variety of techniques. If you’re unhappy with the look of your lips and […]

Is it Time for a Profile Update?

The shape of your nose, lips, and chin and the way they are aligned make up your profile. When one or more of these elements are slightly unbalanced it affects how your profile looks, which can be more important to your overall appearance than you may realize. Aging and the loss of youthful contours and […]

Major Agers: Where Your Face Most Shows Age (And What You Can Do About It)

Changes to the face can often appear so subtly, we may not even realize it until looking at a photo or a mirror in strong, clear lightening. A number of factors can contribute to how quickly our faces show age, including genetics, lifestyle factors, and sun exposure. Everyone ages differently and different rates. Yet, there […]