Dr. Bapna repaired my septum 05/2016. I had a very large hole in my septum due to the overuse of over the counter Afrin nose spray. There is a huge population of people out there that do not understand or are not aware of the dangers of using over the counter nose sprays. If they are used in excess, they are very damaging to our bodies. First, they are used because of congestion, but after using for a day or two, they end up causing rebound congestion. The nose gets even more congested then causing the consumer to use it more often and then it creates a vicious cycle. Due to this cycle for me, my nose was ruined. I had originally seen an ENT, but the hole in my septum was so large that the ENT referred me to Dr. Sumit Bapna because he is the best facial plastic surgeon in the state of Ohio. Not only was Dr. Bapna able to fix my problem, he did it perfectly!!! I have had several surgeries and I have never been so impressed with a physician as I was with him. His work is impeccable!! His attention to detail is so amazing! I mean from the very beginning cut down to the last stitch. WOW is all I can say. On top of that very impressive work, his bedside manner is of equal value! Some doctors are great at what they do but horrible when it comes to being personable. Or the doctor is great personally, but their work isn’t as good. Dr. Bapna is both!!! I have never met a surgeon whose work is phenomenal and whose bedside manner is just as phenomenal. He’s very knowledgeable about what he is doing and instead of talking over the patient’s head, he can convey the medical terminology in a way that the everyday person can understand. I was blown away with his work and his professionalism and his compassion for me, his patient. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. In fact, there is no better facial plastic surgeon in the state of Ohio. Also, his staff is so amazing! They are always prompt in responding to me, patient, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and so on! They are always polite and have a smile on their face! Office staff can make or break the career of a physician and he has the cream of the crop!