I had struggled for years with problems breathing through my nose. It had been broken numerous times and I figured I would just have to live with it. I did, until it got to the point where my snoring was so bad it even woke ME up. Not to mention my nose had begun to really droop, especially on the side I couldn’t breathe through. I met with tons of cosmetic surgeons but just didn’t feel comfortable with them working on my face, when it seemed like they “specialized” in so many different areas. I mean come on, it’s my face we’re talking about. I wanted someone who specialized in faces- and found it at Ohio Facial Plastics. Dr. Bapna was wonderful. He showed me how my new nose would look, explained every detail and even better, listened to me. He even suggested to me that this was probably the perfect time for me to have my eyelids done. To say I love my new nose and eyes doesn’t seem like enough! And the best part was- no one noticed! Even my best friend just thought I’d gotten a couple good night’s sleep. Speaking of sleep, yep…I can do that now too. Everyone was just wonderful. I still see Dr. Bapna for Botox and fillers in my cheeks. My face “belongs” to Ohio Facial Plastics.