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FUE vs FUT Dublin OH

Our hair is an important aspect of our overall appearance and premature loss of hair is a major source of concern for many people. Individuals suffering from hair loss consider spending a fortune on hair care products like serums and oils.

These methods don’t always show tangible results. However, a hair transplant is a surefire way of regaining lost hair. Once you’ve decided on undergoing a hair transplant, you’ll have to choose between an FUE and FUT. We’ll help you learn the differences between the two so your choice becomes easier.

Hair Transplant and How It Works

Hair transplant is a hair-restorative treatment that relocates a patient’s hair from one area to the target area. The grafts contain hair follicles from the area known as “donor site”, which is resistant to balding. These grafts are then transplanted on the balding area, called “recipient site”. Patients can choose from these two types of hair transplant methods:

What is FUE

In a Follicular Unit Extraction, a surgeon removes individual follicular units from the healthy donor site. The procedure is carried out with great precision to ensure that ample hair is acquired for the balding area while keeping the donor area from getting too thinned out. The punch device takes out the grafts and leaves barely noticeable dots behind.

What is FUT

A Follicular Unit Transplantation includes the removal of a strip of tissue from the donor site. This strip is then prepared for transplantation by separation of individual follicular units from the main tissue. The doctors have to pay extra care to ensure that each individual unit has its protective tissue.

What to Expect When Undergoing a Hair Transplant?

During the consultation, Dr. Bapna will thoroughly examine your scalp and hair. After this, he will recommend one of the two methods of hair transplant, which depends on each patient’s unique circumstance.

In the case of a FUT, you can expect some noticeable linear scars across the scalp. On the other hand, an FUE leaves very small dot scars, which usually go unnoticed.

Differences Between FUE and FUT

Though the implantation technique is the same for both, the main difference lies in the graft harvesting method. In FUE, the follicles are removed by micro punches while in FUT, a strip of hair follicles is extracted. Minimal scarring is one of the most important factors why many people choose FUE. After an FUE, the scalp is left with tiny imperceptible dot scars. This makes it an ideal choice for people who intend on keeping their hair cropped. On the contrary, a FUT leaves a line scar which might be visible in some hairstyles and short hair.

FUT extracts grafts from a broader region as compared to FUE. FUE grafts are removed with precision to ensure that the donor site has ample hair left. FUE is ideal for the redistribution of hair follicles across the entire scalp and in the early stages of balding.

Things to Remember and Recovery

Hair transplant is a surgical treatment and it’s natural to feel some discomfort during the procedure. FUE is a modern hair restoration technique, while FUT is its traditional counterpart. FUE has been increasing in popularity due to its reliability and might be the ideal choice if you want no scars and visible results.

During your recovery, we advise that you take larger breaks between washing your hair. You’ll also be advised to sleep in certain positions in addition to consuming a nutritious diet.

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