Want radiant, healthier, more youthful looking skin in a hurry? With a lunchtime peel you can get glowing in less than an hour.

Light chemical peels are commonly known as “lunchtime peels” because the process is quick, easy, and typically requires zero downtime.

A lunchtime peel can be the perfect beginners chemical peel. Chemical peels range in their degrees of strength and different types each serve a particular purpose.

A lunchtime peel uses the mildest solution and is very gentle on the skin. Unlike stronger types of chemical peels, it does not cause your skin to actually peel off, but yields a noticeable improvement in skin’s texture, radiance and tone.

Lunchtime peels generally use fruit-based or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which gently exfoliate superficial layers of skin to kick-start your skin’s rejuvenation process and refresh skin’s appearance. As the treatment causes the outer layers of skin to shed,  it will help to eliminate dull, rough, uneven areas.

Removing damaged, less healthy skin cells also stimulates the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself and the body will begin to produce new, healthier skin with more collagen and elastin. This can help soften fine lines and will result in a more hydrated and youthful looking complexion, with skin that’s not only brighter and more even, but also firmer, smoother and more plump.

You may achieve even more benefits with each additional treatment. With each session, you can slowly start to increase its strength for better results.

For many patients, lunchtime peels can be an ideal go-to treatment for skin maintenance and to generally revitalize and awaken your complexion.  A lunchtime peel can be a quick way to hit refresh on your skin. It’s most effective for more mild skin concerns, but there are plenty of additional options available to treat more specific problems.

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